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Fundus Lens

Provides high resolution views of the posterior pole.

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Glass Gonio Lens

Provides high resolution views of the anterior chamber angle structures with 4 equally angled mirrors.

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Infusion Handle

Primary Application – Infusion of Saline Solution Beneath the Lens During Vitreoretinal Surgery

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Digitize your fundus exam with iNview. Leverage the power and convenience of the Apple iPhone with the trusted quality...

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MLC Armor

Multi Lens Case

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Pictor Plus

The Pictor Plus portable opthalmic camera can take your practice places. From the exam room to on-location screenings,...

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Precision Optical Lens Cleaner

Primary Application – Cleaning of Ophthalmic Lenses

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Steady Mount

Primary Application – Precisely Holds and Positions Volk Lenses at the Slit Lamp

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Sterilization Tray

Primary Application – Sterilization of Ophthalmic Lenses

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