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Charops CLM-1 Lensmeter

Charops Lensmeter with Wavefront Analysis Tech

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Huvitz CLM-7000 Digital Lensmeter

CLM-7000 has supreme precision with the cutting edge digital technology of Huvitz.

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Huvitz CLM-7000P Digital Lensmeter

CLM-7000P realized supreme precision with cutting-edge digital technology of HUVITZ. Graphical User Interface leads the...

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Huvitz CLM-9000 Digital Lensmeter

CLM-9000 realized supreme precision with Hartmann sensor. Graphical User Interface leads the most satisfying operation...

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Huvitz HLM-1 Huvitz Digital Lensmeter

Newly designed, Huvitz continues to lead in product development combining innovation with value and performance.

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Huvitz HLM-7000P Digital Lensmeter

HLM-7000P realizes supreme precision with cutting-edge digital technology. Graphical User Interface leads the most...

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Huvitz HLM-9000 Auto Lensmeter

Finally we introduce HLM-9000 reinforced with Hartmann sensor and curvilinear design. A brand new lensmeter, this is...

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Inami L-4550

Prism Compensater

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