P/N: 1070-PL

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  • Vision Therapy System, consisting of diagnostic Fixation Disparity Targets & hierarchical system of treatment Vectographs, for identifying and treating binocular vision dysfunctions

  • Near and Far Polarized Fixation Disparity Targets

    • For assessment of Near Point of Fixation Disparity (NPFD) and Associated Vergence Measures at Near and Far

    • A more sensitive indicator of the presence of a fixation disparity than a double image

    • For use in free-space or behind refractor

  • 3 Gem Polarized Variable Vectographs:

    • Gem: Provides an introduction to peripheral binocular experiences

    • Gem-PL: Helps relate binocular alignment to accommodation (clarity of the target) as peripheral cue from Gem images aids alignment of more central two-dimensional Fixation Disparity Target with Central Fusion Lock

    • GemPL-NFL: Emphasizes the power of engaging the periphery and its leverage on divergence by shifting the Fusion Lock from the Central Fixation Disparity “E circle lock” (as in the Gem-PL) to the peripheral Gem image

    • Total accommodation range of 40 diopters

  • Includes: Protective Therapy Binder with pen, Doctor Manual & Standard Polarized Viewer

  • Based on the paper Confusion Inside Panum’s Area by Paul Lederer, OD, FCOVD, FAAO

  • Vectographs also sold as individual Vision Therapy Systems

  • Fixation Disparity Targets also sold individually with Standard Polarized Viewer

Doctor Manual

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