Manual Perimeter

Manual Perimeter
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Manual Perimeter





The vision field screen is a hand held perimeter plus a wand with an 8mm white target. It it portable and the test angle can be varied from zero to 180 degrees.

The patient hold the perimeter by means of the handle and places the face rest against the check of the eye to be tested just below the  lower lid. The patients head must be held at right angle to the target of the perimeter, the patient closes the other eye with their free hand.

The wand is then held vertically by the optometrist on the inside of the are and while the patient is looking at the target. (The optometrist can visually check all this in all tomes) the wand is then moved from the midline temporary or nasally until its disappearance is reported.

The degrees are imprinted on the outside of the are 5 degree increments so an accurate reading ma y be recorded. The testing is done under normal lighting conditions